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Drum Dewatering and Deoiling Machine

Product Type :
Fruit and vegetable strip cutting machine
Output :
Power Supply :
380V / 220V (Can be customized)
Power Input :
Applicable Materials :
Suitable for various fried food and puffed food
Warranty :
2 Years
Customization :
Can be customized
Core Advantages :
Easy operation/ Safety and hygiene/High performance
Production introduction

This drum dewatering and deoiling machine adopts principle of centrifugal force, the barrel rotates in high speed, then the water or oil in the products will fly in high speed revolution.

It is mainly composed of motor, centrifugal system, screen basket filter, variable speed system, and electrical control device. There are various models, and different models have different capacities.

Product components

Features of drum dewatering and deoiling machine:

1.Made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, with the advatange of small size, low consumption, easy to operate, labor and time saving.

2.Automatic digital control, electromagnetic brake, high deoiling rate, high capacity.

3.Equipped with shakeproof device, smooth operation without shaking in the process of dewatering and deoiling, safe to the operators and less damage to the machine itself

4.The working time can be set according to the raw material and satisfy different demand.

5.The frequency conversion speed controller can be added as needed to adjust the speed of the drum.

Application of the drum dewatering and deoiling machine:

This drum dewatering and deoiling machine is widely used for fried food and puffed food deoiling and also for fruit and vegetable dewatering after washing.

Technical Parameter
Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
BX-400 300 1.1 360 1000*500*700
BX-500 400 1.5 380 1100*600*750
BX-600 500 2.2 420 1200*700*750
BX-800 700 3 480 1400*900*800


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