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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line

Product Type :
Fruit and vegetable processing machine
Output :
Power Supply :
380V / 50Hz (Can be customized)
Applicable Materials :
Various fruit and vegetables like cabbage,tomato,strawberry,apple,peach,pepper,chive,mushroom,jujube,plum,cherry,etc
Application Place :
School, restaurant, food processing factory, supermarket etc
Warranty :
1 Years
Customization :
Can be customized
Core Advantages :
No damage to fruit and vegetable, high efficiency, small occupied area, safety and hygiene
Production introduction

The whole production line is made of SUS304 stainless steel and conforms to the food safety standard.  Suitable for fruit and vegetable processing factory, large central kitchen, large supermarket distribution center.

Product components
Machine Name Function Advantage
Washing Machine Bubble washing machine has been widely used in food
processing industry, which helps solve the washing
problems of vegetables, fruits, seafood,etc.
1.Equipped with a bubble generator to make the objects
roll over. High pressure air bubble and spraying water can
wash off dirt, sands and other residues.
2.Equipped with VFD to better adjust the belt speed.
3.Equipped with separate filter tank and water recycling system.
4.Equipped with spraying section with clean water for
twice washing. The objects are automatically conveyed to
spraying section by the conveyor mesh belt
5.Equipped with high quality 304 stainless steel.
Safe and reliable.No damage to materials.
1.Ozone generator for sterilization and disinfection
and decomposition of pesticide residues.
2.Ultrasonic module through ultrasonic vibration
to clean the products completely.
3.Air fans to be added at the outlet for
simple frying after washing.
4.Lifting device can be added to life the mesh belt
for easy cleaning of the tank.
5.Any other functions you need, tell us freely,
we will design special machine for you.
6.The bubble washing machine can be combined
with some related machines such as sorting machine,
polishing waxing machine, drying machine, cutting machine, etc.
Peeling Machine Peeling machine has been widely used in food processing
industry, which helps solve the washing & peeling problems
of vegetables, fruits, seafood,etc. We have different brushes
for different products and different purpose. And it can
help save time and manpower at the same time. It is an
indispensable washing & peeling device for food processing。
1.If for fresh potatoes, we always use 9 hard brush rollers.
2.If for old potatoes, we always use 5 hard brush rollers &
4 emery rollers for thoroughly peel.
3.If for thin peel potatoes or carrot, we have soft
brushes to lower the waste rate.
4.If just for washing, no peeling, we also use soft brushes
to wash off the surface dirt, meanwhile achieve polishing
purpose, like mango, orange, carrot washing and so on.
5.If for cassava, fish scale or oyster, hard brushes or
emery roller is better.
6.If for ginger washing and peeling, we also have
specialized brushes.
1.Wide range application, suitable for kinds of fruit,
root vegetable, shellfish, seafood, fish scaling and
animal organs washing, etc。
2. The whole machine is made of thick 304 stainless steel,
strong and durable. With durable wheels, easy to move。
3. Nylon brush filaments and precision brushes are
wear-resistant and do not fall down, which can make
cleaning products cleaner and more shiny.
4.Easy to operate, peeling time adjustable,
high peeling rate & lower waste rate。
5.It can do dry clean and wet clean, with flexible
spray nozzle。
Cutting Machine Fruit and vegetable slices, strips, and cubes can be realized.
The slice thickness and size are adjustable.
1.Cutting surface is smooth without damage.
2.The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel,
High speed stainless steel blades.
Picking Line For manually disposing the uncleaned places and
selecting the defective fruit and vegetable
1.Picking table size can be customized
2.Conveying speed adjustable.
Air Drying Machine Through high-pressure air blowing, excess water on the surface
of vegetables after washing is removed in a short time
1.The multi-layer mesh belt conveyor belt and special
fan outlet completely remove the moisture on the
surface of the fruit and vegetable.
2.Fan can be adjusted up and down.
Application of cleaning line

1. It is suitable for processing various fruit and vegetables like cabbage, spinach, celery. tomato, strawberry, apple, peach. lettuce, pepper, chive, mushroom, jujube. date, plum, cherry, broccoli, etc.
2. Suitable for kitchens of school, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory, Supermarket, etc.

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Technical Parameter

1000kg/h Fruit and Vegetable Washing Line

Machine Name Powder(kw) Size(mm)
Washing Machine 6.6 6000x1200x1300
Peeling Machine 4.37 3400*900*1450
Picking Line 0.75 5000*800*900
Air Drying Machine 16.6 6000x1200x1600
Cutting Machine 1.1 950*800*950
500kg/h Fruit and Vegetable Washing Line
Machine Name Powder(kw) Size(mm)
Washing Machine 3.75 2500*1000*1300
Peeling Machine 1.5 1600*850*800
Picking Line 0.75 3000*800*900
Air Drying Machine 10.1 4000*1200*1600
Cutting Machine 1.1 950*800*950
Support customization according to customer requirements.
About Us
BAIXIN is engaged in a wide range of food machinery business, we provide the best quality machines and solutions to global users, including food processing machinery such as fruit and vegetable washing machines, fruit and vegetable cutting machines, dryers, quick freezers, packaging machines, snack fryers and production lines . We provide not only professional machines and services, but also the right solution for your business. For the benefit of our customers, we baixin people research and sell machines according to users' habits and preferences. We continuously improve our service levels, listen to our customers, and provide upgraded machines and solutions according to the market.

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Pascal Herold
Cooperating with Baixin is a great purchasing experience, they are definitely a reliable food machinery supplier. They are very enthusiastic and professional, from visiting the factory to technical support for customization, and then shipping and installation. Now our custom equipment is running very well and their after sales service is fantastic.
I am an intermediate buyer, and my end users have high requirements for equipment customization. Baixin has a great technical team and after-sales service, providing us with a perfect customized solution. Cooperating with Baixin, everything becomes simple and efficient. , which is why I chose them.
United Arab Emirates
Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have been communicating online, and Baixin has a very complete online service system. From placing the order to installation and commissioning, everything went very smoothly and their after-sales service was excellent.
I am an agent of Baixin. Their products are very cost-effective, their technical team is very strong, and their after-sales service is very perfect. Baixin is a reliable supplier.
Henry Chan
I have bought several sets of equipment from Baixin. Their equipment is excellent. Their sales are very professional. Their after-sales team solves problems very promptly. They also often help me purchase other equipment, and Baixin is a very reliable partner.
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